Never attend an interview unprepared. Start your research as soon as your interview is confirmed.

Consider things such as:

  • The Company

What market do they work in?  Who are their competitors? What major projects have they won? Where would you find their products?

  • Role

Make sure you have read the job spec thoroughly and can relate your skills and experience to the position. Show them that you want the job, that you understand the role and show the employer why they should choose you!

  • Interview panel

Make sure you know the name and job title of the person interviewing you. Use LinkedIn and the ‘About us’ section of the company website to find out more about them.

  • Questions

Look up common interview questions and prepare your own beforehand. Don’t ask things like how many days holiday I get, whether I can work from home etc at a first interview.

  • Be Prepared

Plan your journey and allow plenty of time. Make sure you have a copy of your CV and that any equipment you need is charged and ready to go.

  • Presentation

Obviously, be smartly dressed, and avoid curries and alcohol the night before. Be positive and friendly, don’t swear and don’t slag your old company off!

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